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Il sentimento, Poesia


How does it feel today?
Breaking habits of always,
Leaving old fears downstair.
But already a problem:
Happyness just so bad,
When you are not sure
Of anything.
Nothing else matter,
Only this paranoia.
Love is not logical,
Love is paranoia.
How much do I count for you?
Did I ever count for you?!?
More than another way
Where walkin’ with white wounds,
For me.
For you only happy moments.
For me nights with no sleeping.
Cause don’t know
What you think about.
How do I matter to you.
In which way.
If I.

Lorenzo Iannaccaro

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2 pensieri su “Paralove

  1. Love is love……

    Pubblicato da irisilvi | 29 gennaio 2011, 19:31
  2. Love is a meny splendored thing, love lifts us up where we belong. All you need is love 😀


    Pubblicato da Davìd | 2 aprile 2011, 14:44


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